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Since 1973, Janice Barkan has been a photographer dedicated to the enhancement and preservation of black and white imagery. As the owner of Barkan Studio, she began her career as a portrait photographer in the hope of re-educating the public to the art of black and white photography.

After developing her own formulas for print production and applying them successfully to her portraits, Ms. Barkan needed to explore other genres in order to grow and develop artistically. After searching for a way in which to photograph the environmental habitat in a way that records the human experience, Janice Barkan developed "Docuscape" photography which offered her a limitless palette in which to create a vast array of textural hues within a broad total range.

Janice Barkan distinguishes herself as a fine technician of black and white photography & digital imagery by capturing images that are both powerful and thought provoking. While carefully preserving the relationship between shadow and highlights, Janice Barkan's "Docuscapes" offer a limitless palette in which to create a vast array of textural hues within a broad total range.

Having won many awards for her unique approach to the art of landscape photography, Janice Barkan believes in the importance of preserving the traditions developed by Edward Weston and Ansel Adams by incorporating traditional formulas within digital techniques.

Janice Barkan was a coordinator for the Sites for Students Public Art Program for the New York City Department of Education and assisted in creating a permanent photographic database that documents all the WPA artwork within the New York City school system. In addition, Ms. Barkan was formerly the Personnel Director for the Queens High Schools within the New York City Department of Education.

The distinctive images of Janice Barkan are in the permanent loan collection of the Professional Photographers of America.

Janice Barkan holds a BA and MA in English from Queens College and is currently living in Long Island, New York.

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